Ambassador Ma Xinmin Meets with New the State Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sudan

On February 3, 2020, Mr. Ma Xinmin, the Chinese Ambassador to Sudan, met with Mr. Omar, the new the State Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sudan, exchanging views on the next development of China-Sudan relations and briefing on the pneumonia outbreak caused by novel coronavirus.

Mr. Ma first congratulated Mr. Omar on his appointment as the State Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sudan and noted that with long-lasting friendship over the past 61 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Sudan, the two nations have always been sincere friends that have political trust in each other, pursue mutual economic benefits, promote people-to-people exchanges and express mutual understanding and support on international and regional occasions. He hoped that both sides would continue to carry forward and further develop China-Sudan strategic partnership and make joint efforts to push forward bilateral exchange and cooperation in political, economic, trade, cultural and other areas, adding that China expects a smooth political transition in Sudan and looks forward to its economic development and prosperity in peace and stability as early as possible.

Also, Mr. Ma briefed Mr. Omar on the latest developments in the pneumonia outbreak caused by novel coronavirus and the prevention and control measures China has taken, stating that acting with a high sense of responsibility to people’s life and health, the Chinese government has taken the most comprehensive, strict and specialized prevention and control measures after the outbreak of the epidemic, hailed by the WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros as setting a new standard for outbreak response. Dr. Tedros said specifically in his speech that declaring a public health emergency of international concern is not a vote of no confidence in China but is to help countries that have weaker health systems and are ill-prepared. WHO doesn't approve of and even rejects travel bans on China. Both WHO and Secretary General of the United Nations have indicated their full recognition on China’s measures and full confidence in China to win the battle against the epidemic. Mr. Ma hoped that Sudan has confidence in the Chinese government, gains a proper understanding of the epidemic, understands and cooperates with the prevention and control measures adopted by the Chinese government, evaluates the epidemic in an impartial, fair, calm and rational manner, shows respect to WHO’s advice, refuses to believe any false statements and rumors, and ensures people-to-people exchanges and bilateral economic and trade cooperation will continue as before, without being affected.

Mr. Omar said that Sudan and China have long been friends, seeing the two peoples share a close bond and the two nations deepen bilateral cooperation in a wide range of areas, adding that Sudan is now at the critical moment of political transition and the Sudanese transitional regime is ready to strengthen cooperation with China in agriculture, husbandry, mining, infrastructure and other areas to turn Sudan into the country most worth cooperation and the most reliable partner of China.

In addition, Mr. Omar expressed sincere solicitude on the pneumonia outbreak in China, highly appreciated and supported the measures the Chinese government has taken to combat the epidemic, spoke highly of the philosophy of the Chinese government to put people’s life and health in the first place and expressed admiration for the Chinese government’s open, transparent, efficient and scientific attitude, saying he is convinced that China has full capacity to win the fight against the epidemic in the end. He also noted that Sudan stands ready to cooperate with China in getting through the hard times and hopes China will continue to provide Sudanese people in China with necessary assistance and aid as before.

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