Ambassador Ma Met with Sudanese Sovereign Council's Vice President

On September 14, 2020, Ma Xinmin, Chinese Ambassador to Sudan, met with Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, Vice President of Sudan’s Sovereign Council, to exchange views on Sudan’s peace progress, anti-epidemic cooperation and China-Sudan practical cooperation.

Ma first congratulated Dagalo on his signing of a peace agreement, on behalf of Sudan’s transitional regime, with the armed groups in South Sudan’s capital of Juba lately, saying that the Chinese side highly praises and supports the push of all sectors in Sudan for national peace and will work together with the international community to continue playing a constructive role in fostering peace, stability and development in Sudan. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus disease, leaders of the two sides have made calls and exchanged messages with each other to express their support to the other side and the two peoples have extended their condolences to each other. The government, enterprises, the medical expert team and civil groups of China has provided assistance with Sudan’s battle against the virus through various means. All of these speak volume about the brotherly and profound friendship between the two sides. China is ready to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Sudan in the domain of public health, continue to offer as much help as it can, and hope Sudan will prevail over the challenge at an early date, Ma pledged, adding that as Sudan is now confronted with the test of a severe economic crisis, China stands ready to foster new areas of cooperation by harnessing the complementary strengths and building on existing foundations of cooperation. China will encourage more Chinese companies to make investment in Sudan and help with Sudan’s business reopening and sustainable development, in a bid to give an impetus to its economic recovery and improvement of people’s living conditions in the country and push for new achievements in bilateral pragmatic cooperation.

Dagalo noted that signing a peace agreement by the transitional government and the major rebel alliance is a big step in the national peace progress, and the Sudanese side highly appreciates China’s consistent and firm support for the country’s efforts to realize state peace and national reconciliation and its positive and constructive role in this process. At the height of Sudan’s epidemic situation, China provided assistance of multiple groups of testing kits and anti-epidemic supplies for Sudan and, more importantly, sent a special medical expert team to share the know-how and experience in epidemic prevention and control with Sudan. The Sudanese side is deeply grateful for China’s unselfish assistance and will never forget the profound friendship between Sudan and China that is cemented through thick and thin. He pointed out that economic and trade cooperation between the two nations has good foundations and broad prospects, adding that Sudan desires to continuously step up its cooperation with China in energy, mineral exploitation, agriculture, animal husbandry and infrastructure and accelerate the progress in key projects of common interest, in order to keep expanding and deepening the practical cooperation.

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