President of Sudan's Sovereign Committee Offered His Congratulations on the 71st Anniversary of PRC's Founding

On October 1, 2020, President of Sudan's Sovereign Committee Burhan had a meeting with Chinese Ambassador to Sudan Ma Xinmin and expressed his warm congratulations on the 71st anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

At the outset, Burhan said on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of the founding of PRC and the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, he would like to extend, on behalf of the government and people of Sudan, cordial greetings to Chinese President Xi Jinping and the government and people of China, adding that the Sudanese side highly commends the remarkable results achieved by China in all areas in the past 71 years and its key role in maintaining world peace and safety and safeguarding the interests of developing countries. The long-lasting China-Sudan relations and friendship have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the two peoples and become a paradigm for other African countries to develop their relations with China. The timely assistance provided by China at the time when Sudan is entangled in the pandemic and floods both unseen in a century deeply impressed the people of Sudan and is another manifestation of the profound friendship between the two countries. Sudan highly values the strategic partnership with China and speaks highly of the important address delivered by President Xi at the High-Level Meeting to Commemorate 75th UN Anniversary, he pointed out, adding that Sudan is ready to work together with China to deepen bilateral cooperation in various fields, actively practice multilateralism and push for the common interests of humanity. During the meeting, Burhan handed Ma his congratulatory messages on China's National Day to President Xi.

Ma thanked Burhan for his holiday wishes, and said China and Sudan are long-term strategic partners that are as close as brothers, with their friendship growing stronger and deeper in people's mind. He pointed out that since the COVID-19 epidemic broke out, China and Sudan have been supporting and helping each other, which writes a new chapter in the bilateral strategic partnership. China will continue to provide assistance for Sudan within its capabilities and is convinced of Sudan's ability to defeat the virus and floods at an early date. President Xi Jinping stressed in his important address at the High-level Meeting to Commemorate 75th UN Anniversary the need for the UN to stand firm for justice, uphold the rule of law, promote cooperation and focus on real action in the post-COVID era. He reaffirmed in his speech that China will continue to be a true follower of multilateralism, stay actively engaged in reforming and developing the global governance system and pursue the building of a community of a shared future for mankind. This points the way forward in the unity, cooperation and development of all countries, and also a firm commitment made by China as a major responsible country to the international community. China stands ready to work with Sudan to implement actively the guidelines of President Xi's address, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in all sectors and push forward China-Sudan strategic partnership constantly.

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