Ambassador Ma Met with Director of International Organizations Department of Sudan's Foreign Ministry

On October 19, 2020, Ma Xinmin, Chinese Ambassador to Sudan met with Nadiya, Director of the International Organizations Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sudan. They had extensive views on China-Sudan cooperation in the multilateral field.

Ma said, over the past one year since the founding of Sudan’s transitional regime, China-Sudan relations have made steady progress and maintained a sound momentum of development. Both sides have shown understanding and support on issues concerning each other’s core interests and major concerns and had close communication and coordination in international affairs, he added. To help Sudan with its fight against COVID-19 and flooding both unseen in a century, China has provided timely humanitarian assistance, underlining the high level of the China-Sudan strategic partnership. China stands ready to further cement the mutually-beneficial cooperation with Sudan in all fields, maintain the international order underpinned by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, and safeguard the shared interest for common development.

Nadiya noted, the Sudanese side treasures the strategic partnership forged by the two nations, and always prioritizes the development of its friendly relations with China as one of the most important foreign relations. Sudan highly commends that China spoke for justice for Sudan in the UN and on other multilateral occasions, and appreciates the support and assistance from China to help it battle the coronavirus and floods. Sudan wishes to work with China to continue to strengthen cooperation in the multilateral field including in the UN, safeguard the authority of the UN and the common interest of developing countries, and promote sustainable development in the world.

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