Ambassador Ma Met with Sudanese Transitional Government's PM

On December 3, 2020, Chinese Ambassador to Sudan Ma Xinmin met with Prime Minister of Sudan’s transitional government Hamdok to exchange views on China-Sudan relationship and other issues of common concern like epidemic prevention and control. Chief of Staff of Prime Minister Office of Sudan Sheikh and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Omar were present during the meeting.

Sudan treasures its strategic partnership with China and the traditional friendship between the two peoples and appreciates the long-term and valuable support from China in political and economic areas and international affairs, Hamdok said, adding that at the height of Sudan’s battle against COVID-19, China has provided assistance of medical supplies in batches to Sudan and also sent a medical expert team to share with Sudan its successful experience in preventing and containing the virus. Sudan is grateful to China for its selfless help and will engrave in mind our profound friendship through thick and thin. Noting Sudan is now in a critical transition period to seek a comprehensive peace, revive its economy and improve people’s livelihoods, he said while coordinating its COVID-19 response with China, Sudan desires to accelerate progress in key projects of common interest and constantly expand and deepen bilateral cooperation on all fronts.

Ma remarked that as sincere partners with mutual trust and a shared future, China and Sudan have for long maintained close cooperation on economic and social development and always supported each other on issues concerning each other’s core interests and major concern. He added, in the face of COVID-19 epidemic that broke out at the beginning of this year, the two countries fighting the disease through solidarity and cooperation attests to our valuable brotherhood and sets a good example for the building of a community with shared future for mankind. Our joint efforts against COVID-19 have made the friendship between the two peoples deeper and amity and mutual trust between the two nations more solid. In the next phase, China is ready to continue to strengthen cooperation with the Sudanese side on COVID-19 prevention and containment, fully tap the potential of China-Sudan practical cooperation on various fronts in innovative ways, and work together to enrich the substance of China-Sudan strategic partnership in the post-COVID era.

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