FM: China and African Brothers to Fight COVID-19 with Solidarity

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian responded to a few hotspot issues on his regular press conference on June 2, 2020, according to a release on the foreign ministry’s website. The relevant question is shown as below.

China Daily: It was announced yesterday that the Chinese government has decided to send a team of medical experts to Sao Tome and Principe to support its efforts against COVID-19. Last week, China released information on sending a medical team to Sudan. So we would like to know how many Chinese medical teams are now working in Africa to help fight COVID-19 and if more will be sent. China proposed to help accelerate the building of the Africa CDC. How is work progressing on that front? What are China's considerations?

Zhao Lijian: China and Africa are good brothers and good partners through good times and bad. In support of African countries’ efforts against COVID-19 and at the invitation of the relevant countries, the Chinese side has sent a total of 148 medical workers to 11 African countries. These medical experts have conducted in-depth exchanges with the health departments and medical staff on the African side, shared their experience, reached out to local communities, visited hospitals and labs, and provided guidance for resident Chinese medical teams in these countries. All these have received positive feedback and praise from the relevant countries.

The Africa Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Africa CDC) is an important outcome of the Beijing Summit of the 2018 FOCAC. It is a significant measure to help Africa strengthen its public health system, disease prevention and control, and capacity building. China attaches great importance to this project and is now actively making early-stage preparations together with the African side. We hope that construction will start as soon as possible to further enhance African people's well-being.

Going forward, in light of the COVID-19 situation in Africa and the wishes of relevant countries, we will do whatever we can to support our African brothers, enhance cooperation in medical and health sectors, and jointly fight against COVID-19.

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